General Information

Academic Schedule

The academic session of the College consists of two semesters per year for each programme. Normally, the Fall semester starts in August and the Spring Semester in February.

Credit System

Each Course is assigned credits based on work hours utilized per week for lectures, tutorials, and practicals. One lecture on theory per week is assigned one credit as a general rule.

Study Duration

The normal duration for completing the BBA programme at the College will be four years. The maximum duration, however, for the completion of the degree shall be the normal duration plus four years.

Semester System

Our BE, BBA, BCA programme has 8 semesters, each semester normally six months. The academic records are maintained based on the number of courses registered by a student in each semester.

Evaluation System


The academic performance of students during a Semester is evaluated by the system of continuous assessment (evaluation of Semester work plus the final examinations). The College conducts the Semester work; the University, the final examinations.


Each course has 50% marks based on Semester performance evaluation by the assigned teacher and 50% marks for the written examination at each Semester end. In the Practical Courses, the Semester marks are awarded on the basis of continuous assessment but no final examination is conducted.


The grades (marks) awarded to a student in a Course are based on his or her consolidated performance in Semester and final examinations. The letter grade in any particular subject is an indication of a student’s relative performance in that Course as follows


The performance of a student in each Semester shall be evaluated in terms of the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA). Further, the grade point average for all completed Semesters, with regard to student performance evaluation, is the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)

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