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BE Civil

Department: Civil Engineering
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  • Curriculum

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE Civil) focuses on professional engineering that deals with the planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining of the physical infrastructure built in the natural environment. The  programme deals with the construction of public works or private projects like all sorts of roads, bridges, tunnels, channels, canals, helipads, airports, dams, buildings, parks or sports complexes. Civil engineering is all about helping people and shaping the world. Clearly, it will continue to play a key role, particularly in the reconstruction of post-quake Nepal.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Acquire a knowledge of scientific principles & materials in  construction engineering and the building sector

• Enable graduates to make objective, technical, and thrifty  decisions in the broad field of civil engineering

• Excel in solving problems in teams or independently through  skills nurtured by training such as project work or internships

• Engage in lifelong learning & application in areas related to  structural, transportation, geo-technical or environmental  engineering

• Get the qualifications and confidence to become practising engineers or community leaders in the emerging fields of Civil Engineering

Career Prospects

There are many job opportunities in the public sector, with local authorities, in government departments and environmental organizations for Civil Engineers.

BE Civil Engineering graduates have fine career prospects in infrastructure construction  buildings, transport, and communications. This includes bridges, roads, tunnels, dams, and canals. They get work of  national or local importance in producing, storing, and  distributing electricity, gas, and water.

Civil engineers get worthwhile employment with  varied contractors and consultancies and also work for diverse national and multinational organizations.

Careers by area

Materials Science and Engineering  Quality Controllers in different projects to ensure safety in construction

Earthquake Engineering  Consulting Engineers and  Seismic Analysts in construction companies and private or public organizations for public safety

Environmental Engineering  Environmentalists in different INGOs, NGOs, and governmental sectors for monitoring

Geotechnical Engineering  Consulting Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers or Investigators in INGOs, NGOs, and governmental sectors

Water Resource Engineering  Hydropower or Irrigation Engineers

Structural Engineering  Structural Designers and Analysts for Structural Modeling

Surveying  Land Surveyors for Revenue or Land Record  Departments

Transportation Engineering  Consulting or Traffic Engineers and Transportation Planners in road projects,  railways, tunneling, aerodrome construction or maintenance

Municipal or Urban Engineering  Urban Planners for holistic development

Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering   Engineers in hydropower or irrigation projects, governmental offices, NGOs, or INGOs

Construction Management  Construction or Project  Managers in the governmental or private sector and  construction industries

  • Year I, Semester I
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    ELE 110 Basic Electrical Engineering 3
    MEC 120 Engineering Drawing 2
    MTH 112 Engineering Mathematics I 3
    PHY 111 Physics 4
    CMP 113 Programming in C 3
    MEC 111 Thermal Science 2
  • Year I, Semester II
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CHM 111 Chemistry 4
    ENG 111 Communication Technique 2
    MTH 114 Engineering Mathematics II 3
    CMP 115 Object Oriented Programming in C ++ 3
    MEC 130 Applied Mechanics I 3
  • Year II, Semester III
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    MEC 131 Applied Mechanics II 2
    CVL 211 Civil Engineering Materials 2
    GTE 210 Engineering Geology 3
    MTH 212 Engineering Mathematics III 3
    WRE 210 Fluid Mechanics 3
    CMP 290 Project I 1
    STR 210 Strength of Materials 3
  • Year II,Semester IV
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    ELX 110 Basic Electronics Engineering 2
    WRE 211 Hydraulics 3
    MTH 230 Numerical Methods 3
    MTH 220 Probability and Statistics 3
    STR 212 Structural Analysis I 3
    CVL 221 Surveying I 3
  • Year III Semester VI
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    STR 331 Concrete Technology and Masonry Structures 3
    STR 320 Design of Steel and Timber Structures 3
    GTE 321 Foundation Engineering 3
    WRE 320 Irrigation Engineering 3
    ENV 331 Sanitary Engineering 3
    CVL 322 Survey Field Project 1
  • Year III, Semester V
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    ARC 358 Building Technology 2
    WRE 350 Engineering Hydrology 2
    CMP 390 Project II 2
    GTE 320 Soil Mechanics 4
    STR 312 Structural Analysis II 3
    CVL II surveying II 3
    ENV 330 Water Supply Engineering 3
  • Year IV, Semester VII
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    STR 440 Design of R.C.C. Structures 3
    x Elective-I 3
    ECO 411 Engineering Economics 3
    WRE 430 Hydropower Engineering 3
    TRP 411 Transportation Engineering I 3
  • Year IV, Semester VIII
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CVL 441 Construction Project Management 3
    X Elective II 3
    CMP 490 Project III 5
    TRP 412 Transportation Engineering II 3

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