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Department: IT Engineering
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Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT) is a unique blend of Information and Communication Technology. It prepares students to function effectively in this dynamic technological era. The programme focuses on applying cutting edge technologies for the socioeconomic development of the nation. It is perfectly designed to meet the needs of an ever growing Information and Communication Technology industry here or abroad. The degree produces highly qualified ICT professionals in hardware, software, networking, and communication technology for the digital future.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Analyze, Design and Develop software or computer systems and design secure networks & monitor them to handle data and information worldwide

• Enable the automation of organizational tasks through computers & telecommunications equipment to improve efficiency

• Gain specialization in configuration, integration, development, and testing of systems and networks to meet industrial needs

• Resolve system-related issues and troubleshoot communication and networking problems to ensure smooth operation

• Acquire skills and expertise in intelligent information retrieval systems to benefit decision-making bodies in an organization

Career Prospects

Excellent job prospects! More and more jobs are being created in an increasingly IT-driven world. Associated career trends show the fastest growing occupations in Nepal and abroad.

Empowers graduates to handle computer and IT related tasks independently throughout their careers. They also have tremendous possibilities and opportunities of starting their own ventures.

IT engineers get suitable jobs such as System analyst, system designer, project manager, business analyst, OS developer, Database Analysts, Information Systems expert, , Digital Media Specialists, Network Specialists, Software Engineers, or Technical Support Representatives.

Careers by area

Information Management – IT Managers in government, the private sector, NGOs and INGOs

Telecommunication – Information & Communication Engineers in telecom companies

Software Engineering – Database administrators, and Software Project Managers in software companies 

System Engineering – System Engineers in IT-based organizations

Knowledge Engineering – Information Systems Experts for Big Data repositories and information systems

Networking – Network Engineers for managing secure networked communication 

Artificial Intelligence – Developers of computer-based expert systems that mimic human behavior, learning, and reasoning abilities

Research – Research workers in challenging domains like machine intelligence, Data mining, Neural Network, business intelligence, information retrieval, and decision  support systems

  • Year I, Semester I
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 609.3 Advanced Problem Solving Technique 3
    BLE 110 Basic Electrical Engineering 3
    ENG 111 Communication Technique 2
    MTH 112 Engineering Mathematics I 3
    PHY 111 Physics 4
    CMP 113 Programming in C 3
  • Year I, Semester II
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    MEC 120 Engineering Drawing 2
    MTH 114 Engineering Mathematics II 3
    MTH 130 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science 3
    ELE 211 Network Theory 3
    CMP 320 Object Oriented Software Engineering 3
  • Year II, Semester III
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    ELX 212 Logic Circuit 3
    MTH 114 Engineering Mathematics II 3
    ELX 213 Electronic Circuit and Instrumentation 3
    CMP 225 Data Structure and Algorithms 3
    CMP 213 Web Technology 3
    MTH 221 Probability and Queuing Theory 2
  • Year II, Semester IV
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 214 Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming 3
    MTH 214 Engineering Mathematics IV 3
    CMP 226 Database Management Systems 3
    CMP 212 Programming in JAVA 3
    CMP 290 Project I 1
    CMP 220 Software Engineering Fundamentals 3
  • Year III, Semester V
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 331 Applied Operating Systems 3
    MGT 321 Organization and Management 2
    CMP 334 Computer Organisation and Architecture 3
    MTH 230 Numerical Methods 3
    CMM 313 Principles of Communication 3
    CMM 311 Signals, Systems & Processing 3
  • Year III, Semester VI
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 714.3 Computer Graphics 3
    CMP 335 Computer Network 3
    CMP 481 Information Systems 3
    CMP 321 Object Oriented Design and Modeling through UML 3
    CMP 456 Intelligence System 3
    CMP 390 Project II 2
  • Year IV, Semester VII
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    x Elective-I 3
    CMP 483 ICT Project Management 3
    CMP 341 Multimedia Systems 3
    CMP 436 Network Programming 3
    CMM 411 Telecommunications 3
    CMP 482 Business processing and IT Strategy 2
  • Year IV, Semester VIII
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    Ele II Elective II 3
    ECO 411 Engineering Economics 3
    COM 613.3 Mobile and Wireless Communication 3
    ELX 490 Project III 4
    CMP 484 Social & Professional Issues in IT 2

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