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BE Software

Department: Software Engineering
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Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering (BE Software) focuses exclusively on the Software  Development Process. The programme builds high-level technical skills and professional expertise in students. It provides knowledge of cutting-edge technology and helps them acquire the methods, techniques, and tools of contemporary software engineering to cater fully to the demands of the Software  and IT Industry.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Gain specialization in Software Production to analyze, design, program, test, and maintain software systems

• Utilize ultra-modern computer-aided software engineering tools  based on an object-oriented software development approach to  build robust software

• Get knowledge of recent developments like Big Data Technologies  and Cloud Computing to deal with emerging trends in IT

• Develop applications involving multimedia, mobile, network  and web-based systems to design effective human-computer  interaction

• Acquire skills and expertise in intelligent information retrieval  systems to benefit decision-making bodies in an organization

Career Prospects

This has great job prospects! Many jobs get  created in an increasingly IT-driven world. Career  trends show the fastest growing occupations  everywhere.

Empowers graduates to handle software and  IT related tasks independently throughout their  careers. Further, they have great possibilities of  starting their own ventures.

Software Engineers get suitable jobs such as  Software & Quality Control Engineers, Development  Managers, Applications Programmers, Analysts,  Consultants, Software Architects, or Software  Innovators

Careers by area

Software Development – Software Engineers in software- related companies

Web & Internet Programming – Web Engineers processing  interactive web-based applications based on high-end  programming technology

Information Management – Information Systems Experts designing and implementing information systems to assist  decision-making

Distributed & Cloud Computing – Software Engineers  supervising distributed environments and cloud computing 

Network & Cyber Security – Security managers to script  security programs for secure computing environments

Embedded Systems – Software engineers to program  software for controlling hardware in consumer electronic  devices or embedded systems

  • Year I, Semester I
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 113 Programming in C 3
    CMP 114 Problem Solving Techniques 3
    PHY 111 Physics 4
    CMP 110 Fundamentals of IT 2
    MTH 112 Engineering Mathematics I 3
    ENG 111 Communication Technique 2
  • Year I, Semester II
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    MEC 120 Engineering Drawing 2
    MTH 114 Engineering Mathematics II 3
    ELX 212 Logic Circuit 3
    MTH 130 Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science 3
    CMP 115 Object Oriented Programming in C ++ 3
    CMP 213 Web Technology 3
  • Year II, Semester III
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 227 Data Structure & Algorithms 3
    MTH 212 Engineering Mathematics III 3
    CMP 214 Microprocessor and Assembly Language Programming 3
    MTH 221 Probability and Queuing Theory 2
    CMP 212 Programming in JAVA 3
    CMP 220 Software Engineering Fundamentals 3
  • Year II, Semester IV
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 714.3 Computer Graphics 3
    CMP 334 Computer Organisation and Architecture 3
    CMP 226 Database Management Systems 3
    MTH 230 Numerical Methods 3
    CMP 321 Object Oriented Design and Modeling through UML 3
    CVL 290 Project I 1
  • Year III, Semester V
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 325 Analysis and Design of Algorithms 3
    CMP 331 Applied Operating Systems 3
    CMP 457 Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks 3
    MGT 321 Organization and Management 2
    CMP 350 Simulation and Modelling 3
    CMP 311 System Programming 3
  • Year IV, Semester VI
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 335 Computer Network 3
    ECO 411 Engineering Economics 3
    CMP 341 Multimedia Systems 3
    CMP 322 Object Oriented Software Development 3
    PPL Principles of Programming Language 3
    PRJ 251 Project II 2
  • Year IV, Semester VII
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    CMP 435 Distributed Systems 3
    x Elective-I 3
    CMP 480 Enterprise Application Development 3
    COM 706.3 Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 3
    COM 704.3 Real Time System 3
    CMP 421 Software Testing, Varification, Validation & Quality Assurance 3
  • Year IV, Semester VIII
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    MCIS-SPM Software Project Management 3
    ELX 490 Project III 4
    CMP 436 Network Programming 3
    x Elective-II 3

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