Course Introduction

Master of Computer Information System

Department: Graduate Studies
  • Overview
  • Curriculum

Computer has been the field of interest for many individuals who are not computer engineers. The wide application of computers has further encouraged the individuals to undertake computer education. The introduction of new courses such as BCIS/BIT/BIM/BCA and the like has put further pressure and challenge before the education institutions to design the courses that helps them pursuing higher study in the field of computer and information. This course will help the students in becoming IT professionals, managers and teachers.


Key Learning Outcomes

  •  Gain theoretical and practical understanding of the storage and manipulation of data and information in and across organizations

  •   Acquire leadership capabilities essential for the development of large-scale information systems

  •   Use e cient information systems to enhance business processes and decision-making processes associated with large IT projects, related environments, and associated businesses

  •   Design, develop, and maintain Intelligent Systems through the acquisition of contemporary knowledge pertaining to recent technological advancements

Software Development: Senior Software engineers for overseeing the overall software production process using high-end development technology

Network Administration: Senior Network Managers for deploying and maintaining large secure networks

Database Designing: Database designers for envisioning and implementing large-scale database solutions from both the Centralized and Distributed perspective

  • First Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    MTH 611.3 Discrete Structure 3
    COM 730.3 Distributed Database 3
    x Elective-I 3
    COM Ethical and Professional Issues In IT 3
    MCIS-SPM Software Project Management 3
  • Fourth Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 735.3 Data Mining and Data Warehousing 3
    MCIS-SP Seminar & Presentation 3
    COM 722.9 Thesis 3
  • Second Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    MCIS-OR Operational Research 3
    MCIS-OBHR Organization Behaviour and Human Resource Management 3
    MCIS-PW Project Work 3
    MCIS-VP VIsual Programming 3
  • Third Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 713.3 Artificial Intelligence 3
    x Elective-II 3
    MCIs-IP Image Processing and Pattern Recognition 3
    COM 704.3 Real Time System 3

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