Course Introduction

MSc Computer Science

Department: Graduate Studies
  • Overview
  • Curriculum

The MSc CS Master of Computer Science at NCIT is a research- intensive program, designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and theoretical understanding of the Computer Science discipline. It prepares graduates to create computing solutions and to apply them to di erent areas that they come across in their professional areas.


  • First Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 609.3 Advanced Problem Solving Technique 3
    MTH 612.3 Algorithmic Mathematics 3
    MTH 611.3 Discrete Structure 3
    COM 615.3 Object Oriented Software Engineering 3
    COM 601.3 Digital Logic and Computer Organization 3
  • Fourth Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    x Elective-II 3
    COM 722.9 Thesis/Dissertation 9
    COM 735.3 Data Mining and Data Warehousing 3
  • Second Semester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 608.3 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
    COM 714.3 Computer Graphics 3
    COM 605.3 Distributed Operating System 3
    COM 613.3 Theory of Computation 3
    COM 712.3 Data Communication & Computer Network 3
  • Third Semsester
    Course Code Course Name Credit Hour
    COM 713.3 Artificial Intelligence 3
    COM 730.3 Distributed Database 3
    x Elective-I 3
    PPL Principles of Programming Language 3
    COM 704.3 Real Time System 3

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