Director's Message

Director's Message

Dear All,

It gives me great joy to welcome you to NCIT – Nepal College of Information Technology!       I’m tremendously energized by the possibilities waiting ahead of all of us in this premier  engineering college.

NCIT has a heritage of academic excellence and intellectual diversity. Our commitment is  to reach out to many students of this county, to respect the dignity of each individual who  joins us, and to value his or her background and goals. We wish to support the educational,  career, and experiential needs of all our citizenry.

Presently, we run excellent BE, BBA, and ME programmes. They are designed to meet  the current, emerging, and future needs of social and professional life in the engineering  and management felds. The College continues to strengthen and expand its academic  programmes.

If your goal is to attain a degree, to prepare for transfer, to get a new job, or to advance in your  chosen career, NCIT is the college for you. We are proud to be Tomorrow’s College Today  through innovative, fexible, and high-quality education. Certainly, the variety of academic  programs and career-training we ofer at NCIT will suit your goals and your passion.

Please remember that our student-centered team is here to assist you. The faculty and  staf at NCIT view their role as a calling and take it seriously. They will challenge and  stretch students while supporting and guiding them on amazing journeys of academic and  professional growth. I assure you that you will not leave NCIT unchanged except for the  better. Just take full advantage of the comprehensive array of support services that are  available to you as a NCIT student once you’re here.


We really look forward to your becoming a part of our family!

Welcome to NCIT!


B P Rana

Executive Director

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